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Landmark Court Victory In Relation To Arbitration Award

Our distinguished lawyer team represented the Client, JPCM LLC, in arbitration proceeding at the Mongolian International National Arbitration Center. JPCM LLC claimed the large sum of outstanding payments and compensation arising out of procurement of machinery, equipment and materials for the coal washing plant, installation and supervision contract and breach thereof from the publicly listed Sharyn Gol Joint Stock Company. The arbitration hearing was conducted on 20 September 2016 and the tribunal issued the award in satisfying full claimed amounts from the client. However, Sharyn Gol JSC filed a petition in seeking an annulment of arbitration award to the Capital City’s Court of Appeal. As such, trial consisting of three judges was conducted on 31 March 2017, and dismissed the petition brought by Sharyn Gol JSC. As result, arbitration award dated 20 September 2016 has become full in force and effect.   

Our skilled lawyers conducted research for the case from all aspect and defended our client’s legal interest so that judgment rejected the petition from counterpart considering our team’s well prepared solid and ground base.   
As for us, our client issue will be our priority objective since those choose us to hire for legal services. Such court victory is invaluable prize for our lawyer. Congratulations to our outstanding lawyers!