Recent victories
April 2016: Ashid Advocates obtained a complete dismissal of all criminal and civil charges against our client, a citizen of USA

Our criminal defense team at Ashid Advocates successfully defended our client, which ended in dismissal of all felony charges under Law of Mongolia on Criminal Proceedings. A complaint was filed by a police officer and a management of hotel against a citizen of USA to the Police Department of Sukhbaatar District (“PDSD”). Based on such complaint, a formal investigation was commenced against the suspect, therefore, intentional damage to other’s property (vandalism) and assault/battery against on duty police officer felony charges, Article 153.1 and 230.2 under the Criminal Law of Mongolia, were brought against the suspect, and he was formally convicted under the Law of Mongolia on Criminal Proceedings.  The convicted felony approached Ashid Advocates for criminal defense upon his conviction by the prosecutor at the Prosecutor’s Office of Sukhbaatar District and just before it was delivered to a judge for trial.

Upon we commenced our internal evaluation of the criminal case against our client, the convicted felony, our team used efficient tactics and approaches. Within three weeks after we engaged with the Client, and as a result of our smart defense (Ashid Advocates team argued primarily on the convicted intentional felony crime-our team defended his act was not intentional, therefore such non-intentional act does not qualify the charges under 153.1 and 230.2), the felony charges against the client have been dismissed on 21 April 2016 by the prosecutor and without any trial, consequently travel ban is cleared.      

Our legal team at Ashid Advocates has extensive trial experience and an impressive record in defending serious criminal charges under Criminal Law of Mongolia before prosecution offices and court of all instances throughout Mongolia. When arrested, it is advised that you remain silent until your attorney arrives to protect you in any questioning and interrogation. If you are under investigation for a criminal offense, or you are arrested, you must get legal representation immediately, and refrain from engaging in interviews until your attorney from our firm arrives.