Recent victories
Ashid Advocates LLP’s lawyers brought the court victory against Bayanzurkh District

Our lawyers at Mongolian Law Firm Ashid Advocates LLP represented B (for privacy reason, we are not able to disclose the full name), a Mongolian citizen, and initiated the civil suit claiming “Auditing Department of Bayanzurh District’s Decree No. 5/04 dated January 5th, 2015 is unlawful and invalid, therefore we request a judgment to consider the Decree as invalid and the Auditing Department of Bayanzurkh District to employ B for the work and to compensate all the wages for the unemployed months” in the First Instance Civil Court No.1 of the Bayanzurkh, Sukhbaatar and Chingeltei District on 23 April 2015.
For further clarification, D.Soyolkhuu, the Director of Auditing Department of Bayanzurkh District, released B from the position as Auditor without any legal and contractual basis, in violation of Article 27.2.3 of Law of Mongolia on State Duties, therefore D.Soyolkhuu appointed B as Accountant. Following thereafter, D.Soyolkhuu fired B based on the fact that “B refused to duly execute a labor contract”.  
Upon we initiated the civil suit at the First Instance Civil Court No.1 of the Bayanzurkh, Sukhbaatar and Chingeltei District, G.Bilguun, the Judge, opened the case under the Decision 14237 on 1 May 2015.  
As a result of our lawyers’ skills, devotion to the case and team works, G.Bilguun, the Judge has brought the Judgment on 19 August 2015 after completion of a long-running court hearing, 100 percent in favor of our client B stating that “Decree No. 5/04 is unlawful, therefore should be invalid. As such Auditing Department of Bayanzurh District must employ B and compensate the previous months’ wages and pay the social insurance fees”.
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