Recent victories
April 2018: Ashid Advocates LLP’s team successfully represented Malaysian citizen and won in the administrative case

Ashid Advocates LLP’s administrative team won in the administrative legal case against the State Registration Bulgan Province Division of the State Registration Authority of Mongolia. Our team of lawyers represented the claimant who is Malaysian citizen in relation to illegal decision of State Registration Division in Bulgan Province. Such illegal act was made 9 years ago. Despite of status of limitation challenge, our outstanding team successfully appealed and convinced panel of three judges at the Administrative Court of Appeal of Capital City bringing up more concrete arguments upon the Administrative Court of First Instance in Bulgan Soum, Bulgan Province dismissed our case concluding that status of limitation was expired.

Thus, after successfully winning at the Administrative Court of Appeal of Capital City and our case was returned to the same first instance court, and after careful review of case, the judge resolved the case 100 percent in favor of our client in concluding that granting Mongolian citizenship to his son about 9 years ago without his consent is illegal act of authority which failed to collect proper investigation of his son’s citizenship status in his son’s birth country.