Recent victories
December 2017: Landmark arbitration victory in representing a defendant

Congratulations again to Ashid Advocates LLP’s rising stars!
Ashid Advocates LLP’s arbitration team won in arbitration case.

Our client is multinational architectural drawing group hired us to represent them before Mongolian International and National Arbitration Center (“MINAC”) after Mongolian construction groups initiated arbitration case against the client in claiming the service agreements to be invalidated and all payments to be refunded. For the case, our client was defendant whereas Mongolian well-known construction groups were co-claimants. The arbitration proceeding was commenced on 3 March 2016 after claimants brought the claim on 23 February 2016 at the MINAC. According to the Parties’ arbitration agreement in the service contracts, single arbitrator was appointed by the MINAC’s chairman. Such single arbitrator (the “Tribunal”) was not nationality of all parties’ involved as the arbitration agreement required. And arbitration proceedings and all hearings were conducted in English language. After procedural rules were set at the preliminary hearing dated 27 May 2016, full hearing was conducted on 4 September 2017. After three months since full hearing, the Tribunal delivered the award 100 percent in favor of our client thanks to our outstanding team at Ashid Advocates LLP. In other words, Tribunal dismissed all single claims brought and presented by the claimants. Therefore, Ashid Advocates’ management team has congratulated our team for their constant hard work and patience for winning such complicated case in representing defendant.  
Ashid Advocates LLP’s management