Recent victories
May 2017: Glorious Victory in the Civil Court

One of our foreign client “O” (for the privacy reason, unable to state its full name) is a liability limited company established and registered in foreign country engages in fruit, juice and food industry. 

The counterpart of our client “D” LLC (also concealed its real name for the same reason) made an offer to “O” LLC cooperation to import sport and vitamin juices manufactured by “O” LLC. “О” LLC has accepted the offer and then they started communicating themselves via e-mail.

On the basis for mutual agreement, “O” LLC sent its produced 33,696 goods of 8 kind items worth of 12,092.33 EUR to “D” LLC. But “D” LLC did not make any payment for the arrival goods. Afterwards “O” LLC approached Ashid Advocates LLP to take legal advice and to be represented by us before court actions. Our lawyers filed a claim to the First Instance Civil Court of Khan-Uul district to recover unpaid 33,926,217 MNT by “D” LLC.      
A judge of the district court received our claim and opened a civil case.

As a result of our lawyer’s determination and diligence with length of 18-month, judgment dated 31 May 2017 was issued to fully satisfy our clients’ claimed amounts.