Recent victories
May 2017: Ashid Advocates LLP, on behalf of the client, in cooperation with the Court Judgment Enforcement Authority of Mongolia, successfully enforced the arbitration award in Mongolia

Our client “J” LLC (respecting the right of privacy, abbreviated the company’s origin name) executed a supply agreement with “Sh” LC /abbreviated the full name/ designed to supply of equipment and construction of coal washing plant.  “J” LLC fulfilled its all obligations as set out in the agreement by purchasing and supplying required equipment for the plant and also provided certain man power to undertake installation and supervision services based on another agreement with third party during the term of agreement. But “Sh” LC failed to make payment as described in the agreement. Total outstanding payment was 265,507,345.51 MNT. On behalf of our client “J” LLC, our arbitration team brought a claim to the Mongolian International and National Arbitration Center. In this regard, an arbitration hearing was held on 20 September 2016 and our claim was fully satisfied through the arbitration award. Then the arbitration award has been enforced by the Mongolian Court Judgment Enforcement Authority in transferring 265,507,345.51 MNT into our client’s bank account by the respondent. Our distinguished lawyers significantly contributed that total outstanding payment and damages was paid within 1 month after the arbitration award had been issued.