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The firm’s activities in this area cover all aspects of domestic financing transactions.  We also advise international financial institutions on local lending and other debt transactions, project financings and recoveries, and regularly perform legal due diligence investigations on behalf of clients in the financial sector.
We represent our client in acquisition financing which involve full range of financing, corporate, commercial, tax and other matters. Our financing practice includes:
  • loan finance of all kinds:
    • drafting and negotiation of finance documents, including all types of collaterals
    • conducting legal due diligence and providing legal opinion
    • assistance in fulfillment of conditions precedents
  • acquisition finance
  • project finance
  • securitizations
  • corporate recovery and insolvency
  • developing possible procedures of restructuring obligations and existing measures for securing performance of obligations in compliance with bankruptcy laws
  • issuing legal opinions
advising on different regulatory requirements of Mongolian banking and Securities law and rules issued by Financial Regulatory Commission.
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