Civil and administrative litigation

Civil and administrative litigation Print

Advising in the civil proceedings before courts of Mongolia and representing individuals and corporate clients before administrative courts in the cases of their rights infringed by the state administrative bodies and their officials is one of the firm’s permanent functions and include:
  • Researching the possibilities for amicable settlement of disputes;
  • Defining and explaining to the client the strategies to be followed, probabilities of winning;
  • Researching the available evidence and defining the necessity and scope of any additional evidence;
  • Preparing claims, responses to the claims, appeals, complaints to the court of revision instance and other procedural documents;
  • Appearing in the courts of all instances in the capacity of legal counsel or proxy; and
  • Support in the enforcement proceedings.
Debt collection
  • Estimation of perspectives of debts collection and search for assets
  • Development of an effective strategy of debt collection or execution of judgments
  • Execution of arbitration and court judgments from abroad in Mongolia
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