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Congratulations to our Outstanding Advocates & Rising Stars at Mongolian Law Firm Ashid Advocates LLP!
Ashid Advocates LLP to proud to announce that paralegals of Ashid Advocates LLP have distinguished themselves as leaders, as ranked No.1 for a case analysis examination among 1500 applicants for Mongolian Bar. They will be a valuable addition to our team of lawyers as we continue to serve our clients in Mongolia and abroad.

The results of Mongolian bar examination have been released public today after took place from 18 through 20th of September 2015. The examination is consisted of written test assessment and case analysis for evaluation of testers’ knowledge in areas of constitution, administration, criminal, civil law and their procedural laws. The total of 1500 applicants participated in written tests, therefore, 760 out of 1500 applicants passed the tests, further qualified to take case analysis examination. The total of 260 out of 760 applicants have been passed, therefore admitted to Mongolian Bar.