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​We are delighted to announce that the General Administrative Legislation Bill, drafted by Ashid Advocates LLP’s Associate Orgil Davaasuren, has been approved through...
The General Administrative Legislation Bill was approved through the Spring Session of Parliament on 19 June 2015. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that Ashid Advocates LLP’s team member Orgil Davaasuren was in the working group, formed by the Minister at the Ministry of Justice, whose task was to draft a bill. Therefore, the Firm congratulates to Orgil for his historical contribution in Mongolian legal system.
Although, there was not a material legislation in place until now, the Administrative procedure law was adopted more than 10 years ago, under which the administrative bodies’ engagement in an administraive court proceeding is established. As such, the legal basis for implementation of the legislation has been formed, and for the general public and the administrative bodies, such Legislation is nothing new, therefore easily applied in the practice.
Prior to this Legislation, the relationship among the government authorities and public is resolved under the principles of Constitution of Mongolia. However, upon introduction of the General Administrative Legislation, the powers of judges and government authorities are limited, therefore a legal background of a judgement is based on the Legislation.  
The General Administrative Legislation will come in effect on 1 July 2016. We will ensure that any updates concerning the implementation of Legislation reaches our clients in a timely manner.